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Trinidad Mission

Trip Info

Focus: Various outreach concerts, teaching musicians and singers etc.

Musical Genre: Varies

Team Size: Max 4 people (must be able to perform as a group; such as musician(s) + singer(s) etc)

Date: June 28 - July 5th 2020

Airport: Port Of Spain. (Piarco International Airport)

Cost: $1,100 + airfare (this includes lodging, all meals while there, ground transportation, adm.fees and travel insurance)


There is some vaccination recommended for Trinidad.

Please check with your local health care provider for more details.

Contact Info

Leader: Lawrence Surles


Trip Summary

This beautiful island is situated in the South-Eastern Caribbean; actually just a few miles north of the coast of Venezuela. The population in Trinidad is about 1,2 million people, and the capital is Port Of Spain; which is where we will be doing most of our work. 

There are stunning beaching surrounding this island and especially on the north coast; which we often think about when we think about the Caribbean. But, you may not be aware that it also has a lot of businesses and even high rises and is very industrialized and fast paced. It is a multicultural society, and also multi-religious.

Screen Shot 2019-08-13 at 2.58.52 PM.png

There are many Christians there, but also a large percentage of people committed to hinduism and other belief systems. 

We will both have a chance to share the gospel with those who do not know who Jesus is, as well as have a chance to encourage believers while there. 

We hope you would like to serve on a music mission trip in Trinidad!


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