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Rosemary Cosby's MMT to Siena, Italy

A few weeks ago Rosemary Cosby returned from her recent music mission trip (MMT) to Italy. Rosemary has been a GTM music missionary for many years, and has traveled to Europe many times (lately about twice per year) to share Christ through the genre of Gospel Choir Music. She sent us a letter after she returned to share her thoughts on this trip, and we (with Rosemary's blessing) thought it would be great for you all to have a chance to read it:

"This is the day which the Lord has made; we will rejoice and be glad in it". -Psalm 118:24

Now that I'm somewhat settled after this most overwhelming adventure in Siena, Italy, I will TRY to articulate the joy and after-excitement (is there such a thing?) that is churning inside my soul right now!

Everything fell into place while making preparations to come to Siena; airfare, food and lodging were both covered and paid for in less than two (2) months after the fundraising appeal began, the Lord had given the songs that needed to be shared, the lyric sheets, sound clips, and workshop takeaway sheets containing the history notes for each song had been compiled and submitted; everything was in place.

Wednesday, October 9: after taking some friends home after Bible study, I got out of my SUV and tripped on the on the half-step to my apartment - everything fell to the ground, including me; I fell on my left knee. After getting up (thanking God I was able), I got ready for bed only to discovered that my knee was the now the size of an orange and it HURT!!! The immediate thought: what if it's fractured or broken? I've got to go to Italy! I've got to do the KAIROS weekend; I'm their pastor; they'll be expecting me; how am I going to get around with this pain in my knee? 

Enter: The Holy Spirit: "Hey girl, get up and put an ice pack on your knee; call the KAIROS Leader and tell her you can't make it due to the circumstance, and when you get up in the morning, call your doctor and tell him your situation." 

The moment I surrendered to the Holy Spirit's instructions, everything began to fall in place and I stopped worrying. My doctor gave me some pain meds and an emergency care package-just in case of illness which did get used. By Friday, I was up and about with next to no pain, God is REAL AND GOOD! 

On Saturday, my sister and two of her friends drove me to Cleveland.

The plain was delayed for about two hours, and during the flight to Detroit, the flight attendant announced several of the connecting flights had already departed; the flight to Amsterdam was NOT one of them! In fact, there were no more flight delays or interruptions going or on the return home.

Somewhere between Sunday and Monday, word went out that Marina Kaudasch Ruiz was

faced with the obstacle of possibly being able to make her flight from Barcelona due to political unrest there in the city that resulted in many streets and roadways being blocked and many airline flights being hampered. I did what many other supporters of GTM MINISTRIES did: sent a message via Facebook Messengers to prayer warriors back in the U.S. asking them to intercede on behalf of the entire team that all obstacles would be cleared. It was during this time that I felt that this MMT was going to be blessed beyond measure because there were just too many things working against it!

During rehearsal on Tuesday, October 15th, we received word that Marina had arrived safely from Barcelona-there was GREAT REJOICING!!! Monica made it to Siena on Wednesday without any hassle, followed by Alberto Bianchi-keyboard, Matteo Dondi-drums, and Mattia Parisi-bass, from Bologna, Italy, and then on Saturday, from Rome, Italy, my friend and brother, Adriano Piccioni-bass! Yes, ma'am, my heart was made glad by the arrival of my family-some of whom i was meeting for the very first time. God brought us over EVERY obstacle!!!

During the Saturday wrap-up rehearsal/session, many workshop participants expressed their gratitude for being a part of the weekend; but one young lady in particular really stands out; she told us that prior to coming to the SGP Workshop, she did not believe in God, but during the sessions, she experienced an explained power/energy that kept her weeping for joy, and that she was so grateful! 

There were so many memorable moments during last week that occurred that my finite mind won' let me express right now, but to see the gratitude of those who are searching for the true and Living God, and to hear the confession of at least one who entered into the weekend in unbelief now confess a beginning realization of of the love of God was worth every setback and obstacle. We/I stand in tip-toe anticipation of the great things God will do in the near-future!

Your Sister in Christ,

Elder Rosemary "Rosey" Cosby

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