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Memories of a music missionary

Music missionary Marlo Hogue (Aka Raydiant) has traveled with us for many years, and may actually be the missionary to have touched the most countries during the history of GTM Ministries; Norway, Sweden, The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic, Hungary, Italy and Spain.

Marlo was diagnosed with Lupus about 20 years ago, which makes traveling complicated. She has to prepare differently before going overseas, and her schedule needs to look slightly different than what it might for another music missionary. In spite of all of these challenges, Marlo keeps traveling the world to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ through music with many people! We are so grateful for her sacrifice and her commitment to following God's directions for her life even when it is hard. Marlo has a youtube channel where she shares memories from some of her music mission trips. We would love for you to see them. We have posted the first five memories here:

We would like to invite you to follow her youtube channel for more updates. She currently posts new videos every Saturday. Some of the videos are about her experiences as a music missionary, but you will also get to hear some of her (amazing!) music, and learn about her life in general; which includes travel, speaking, etc. We think that you will enjoy getting to know this phenomenal woman!

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