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Music Mission Trip to Barbados &Trinidad

GTM Ministries was able to expand in to the Caribbean Islands this year, and completed our very first official music mission trip to Barbados and Trinidad in July. 

The team consisted of music missionary and gospel singer Chantea Kirkwood and her husband pastor Michael Kirkwood from Nashville,TN, led by our Caribbean Coordinator Lawrence Surles along with his wife Clarice Surles and mother in-law Clarissa Ruffin from Charlotte, NC. 

The team ministered through music in a school, camp, churches, etc, and they also helped feed the homeless and much more.

Instruments Of Joy in Nashville gave us two acoustic guitars to bring to Alec and Mirico; two talented young boys in Barbados. What a blessing that was! 

In the video here you will see a school class in Barbados singing for the team. There's so much joy in the Caribbean style of music. Watch to the end to see a creative exit to recess.

These islands may be best known as beautiful tourist destinations, but there is a great need among the people there for the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  

We plan to do another trip to Barbados in June next year (June 20-27/28) and right after that one (June 27/28-July 5th) we plan a trip to Trinidad. You can join one or both.  Check out more information here.

Thank you to everyone who prayed or gave to this trip or GTM Ministries in general. You are a part of spreading the gospel to more people in the Caribbean! 

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