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Norway Mission

Trip Info

Focus: Concerts  

Musical Genre: Any

Team Size: Any

Date: We will customize this trip for your group. 

Airport: Oslo Lufthavn Gardermoen (OSL)

Cost: Ask us for an estimate



Contact Info

Leader: To be determined


Trip Summary

We would like to invite your group to go on a music mission trip to beautiful Norway. This is a vast country with many places to go; but for your large group, we would specifically ask you to consider doing a little music mission "tour" in Gudbrandsdalen, this is a gorgeous valley in between Oslo and Bergen; more specifically the Lillehammer area; which is where they had the winter olympics in 1994. 

The valley is still a winter sport paradise; and their winters are often long, cold and majestic.

Norway had a nationwide revival through evangelist Hans Nielsen Hauge in the late seventeen hundres till early eighteen hundreds that changed the country dramatically. A large number of Norwegians were saved, and thereby transformed, and it literally changed the entire country. He would walk all over Norway to share Christ; and in big part because of this revival, Norway for a while sent the most missionaries in the world (per capita). 

Unfortunately the country today has become very secularized. Due to the deep roots that came from this revival, you still see a remnant of believers there today; and especially in the areas where Hans Nielsen Hauge traveled. 

And, you can also see where he didn't go. Such as to Gudbrandsdalen. This is an area that has not been exposed to the Gospel in the same way as many other places in Norway. There are some wonderful believers there that are working hard to get the Gospel out, but it is a challenge for them; and many are very lonely in their efforts. So, we have been urged by some of these Christian leaders to find teams that can do some concerts etc in different towns in Gudbrandsdalen (and through the concerts; share testimonies, share the Gospel etc) . 

Any type of group is great, but we would especially like to target the youth.


We suggest you go in the fall, winter or spring. Even if the summers are gorgeous there, most every activity stops in the summer, as people have long vacations. 


We will customize this trip for your group! 


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Image by Arvid Høidahl
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