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Nicaragua Mission

Trip Info

Focus: Various outreach concerts, teaching musicians and singers etc.

Musical Genre: Varies

Team Size: Recommended for bigger groups; 15 people minimum

Date: Varies. We can customize a trip there for your group. Normally a trip is from Saturday-Saturday.

Airport: Managua (the capital of Nicaragua)

Cost: $1,100 per person + airfare. (NOTE: minimum 15 people for this price. For a smaller size group, contact us for pricing)

This includes lodging, all meals while there,

all ground transportation, 

travel insurance and team leader from GTM.

Contact Info

Leader: Varies


Trip Summary

Nicaragua (along with a few other countries such as Costa Rica) is one of the countries where we can receive the large size groups.

We would like to especially invite choirs, church groups, worship teams ++ to consider going on a music mission trip to Nicaragua.

For certain trips, we will also invite individual artists/musicians to join. So if you want to go to Nicaragua to serve, but do not have a team yet, please let us know, and we might be able to add you to a trip we put together specifically of individuals and small groups. 

You will be staying at the Chosen Children Campus in either Masaya or Leon. Chosen Children Ministries is a great partner of ours; with their headquarter based out of Spartanburg, South Carolina. Their camps are “all inclusive”, and they also offer a safe environment and clean water. You can check out pictures from their camps here.


No vaccination is required (for US residents). But, if you are from another country other than the USA, or you have any pre-existing conditions or concerns, please check with your medical professional.

Nicaragua is a very poor country in Central America. About 50% of the adults are unemployed, and there is an enormous problem with alcohol/drugs as well.

Many are seeking God, and are very open to Him. There is a great need for more people to go and share the wonderful Gospel of Jesus Christ with the people of Nicaragua; which offers so much hope and joy! 


There will be concerts or various kinds, and we will often serve food in connection with those to meet their physical needs as well. For some teams, we will also be training worship teams/music departments in churches. Many do not have any training or direction/guidance, so this is much needed and desired!
Several churches also lack instruments, and if your team would like to raise additional funds to provide instruments for one or more churches, you are very welcome to do that. 


A large number of people live in larger neighborhoods (called “barrios” in Spanish). We will spend much of our time in certain barrios; doing concerts, workshops, and also have the opportunity to go door to door (both to invite them to our concerts and workshops, but also to pray with them and share the Gospel).
The concert(s) may take place in various locations, for example in local churches, but also at soccer fields in the barrios. This is a great meeting place in their communities with potential to fit a large crowd.



Spanish is their official language. We will have interpreters available at all activities.

Nicaraguans love music; and the churches certainly like and use the American style of music, but they do not have a lot of Christian songs in their own language, or that are created with the latin flavors they listen to and which is authentic to their style of music/culture. So there is also an opportunity for great song writers to be challenged to do something here… ;)

Nicaragua is a beautiful country which offers lovely beaches (both on the Pacific and Caribbean side), jungle, volcanos and more. You will of course be able to experience some of this on a day off. 



As with any Central American country, it is good to have patience and flexibility in regards to schedule and logistics, and we encourage you to prepare well, but to also be flexible to changes. Equipment and resources are limited, so plan to bring your own instruments as much as possible (drums, keyboards and amplifiers etc will be difficult to bring, so they will be available there). 

Thank you, and we hope you would like to serve on a music mission trip in Nicaragua!


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