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Kenya Mission

Trip Info

Focus: Outreach concerts of various kinds. 

Musical Genre: Any music genre are welcome!. We especially invite gospel choirs to consider this one.  

Team Size: Any size. However, the price we post is for groups of a minumum of 15 people. Groups smaller than this are very welcome, but you will receive a separate quote based on number of people. 

Date: We will customize this trip for your group. We suggest either 7, 9 or 12 nights. However, we can adjust this as you would like. 

Airport: Nairobi, Kenya (NBO). 

Cost: For 7 nights: From 1330 Euros. 
For 9 nights: From 1580 Euros. 
For 12 nights: From 1910 Euros.   
Included in this is lodging, food, ground transportation, safari and several other activities, crew on site, adm.fees and travel insurance)
(NOTE: minimum 15 people for these prices. For a smaller size group, contact us for pricing)


- Airfare (we will help you book that)

- VISA (which is currently 50 Euros)

- Any vaccination (different countries may have different requirements, please check with your local medical office)

- Possible concert expenses

- Possible costs in regards to serving food or snacks at the concerts or any gifts or help you would like to provide (we can help with some projects if you are interested)


Contact Info

Leader: To be determined


Trip Summary

GTM Ministries would like to invite your choir or music group to do a music mission trip to Kenya. 

You will have a chance to do some very impactful ministry as well as enjoying the magnificent scenery and nature activities that Kenya has to offer. 

Kenya is an African country, located in East Africa and transected in the south by the equator. It’s a land full of different cultures hosting 42 different tribes. It’s one of the most peaceful countries in Africa and a leading economic giant in East Africa. In terms of music, with about 80% of the total population practicing Christianity; Gospel music is highly valued and used as means to reach out and share the Gospel. However, even if many may have heard the Gospel, there are still considered to be about 32 unreached people groups in Kenya (almost 6 million people). The country also boasts of having different genres and cultural styles of music due to its multicultural society. 

Most people will speak Swahili and English. We will have an interpreter available when needed. 

Any time of year is great in Kenya, with weather that is warm and sunny; as Kenya is right on the equator. Nonetheless, they have a season from usually late March till May that they call "rainy season". However, it is not to be compared with rain season in many other places such as Central America. Rainy season in Kenya is very moderate and the rain usually just comes in short periods, and then it clears right back up again. The temperatures are still nice and warm during this time.



Our main base will be in Nakuru, Kenya. This is Kenya's fourth largest city, and an about 3 hour drive from the airport in Nairobi. We have a wonderful and very experienced partner that will handle all the details with lodging, food and transportation (as well as everything else). Contact us for more specific details on lodging etc. 


There are countless opportunities to do music mission work, and we will customize it to fit with your group's wishes. Some of the opportunities are outreach concerts in public places (outdoor, in city centers, slums, parks etc), some which we can do together with local choirs and churches, etc; prison concerts; hospital concerts; school concerts; church concerts in various neighborhoods and more. We utilize and strategize how to share the gospel the most effectively at each of the various events, and it can be through testimonies, preaching, through sharing what the songs are about, handing out gospel tracts, etc. 

You will also have a chance to do workshops/choir rehearsals and concerts together with local gospel choirs. 
For those who would like to go into some of the tribal areas, we can organize that as well, and you may have a chance to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with some who have never had a chance to hear it before. This requires longer drives, interpreters of certain tribal languages, and we will have limited equipment available for this. This may not be for every choir; but what a wonderful opportunity this is to share the GOOD NEWS of Christ!


We will customize this for you. However, you can't really go to Kenya without going on a Safari, so this is also already included in the price ;) 
There are many other options too (most of this is also included), such as visiting national parks like Lake Nakuru National park in Nakuru, and Hell’s gate National Park with activities such as swimming in the largest natural spa in East and Central Africa, boat riding in Lake Naivasha and viewing hippopotamus, mountain biking while viewing wild animals like Baboons,
Antelopes, Zebras, Giraffes e.t.c. spectacular scenery including towering cliffs, water gouged gorges, stark rock towers, scrub clad volcanoes among other things. 

For the longer trips (9 or 12 days), we will have time for even more activities, such as going to a the Indian Ocean for some beach time, and/or a visit to the equator. 


Image by Sneha
Image by sutirta budiman
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