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Germany Mission

Trip Info

Focus: Concerts of various kinds. Mainly in schools and among youths. 

Musical Genre: Any

Team Size: It should be a minimum of 15 people. No maximum limit.

Date: We will customize this trip for your group. We recommend about 7 days or thereabout. 

Airport: To be determined

Cost: Contact us for an estimated price


Contact Info

Leader: To be determined


Trip Summary

GTM Ministries would like to invite your high school choir/orchestra/ensemble to Germany.

We believe this will an amazing time, and a great opportunity to use your gift of music to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with the people there.
We will, together with our local mission partner, set up various concerts for you throughout the trip, most of which will be in schools and among youth.

You will be able to use these concerts to also share the Gospel, testimonies, share from the Bible, share what the songs are about, pray with them etc. And before/after the concerts, you may have opportunities to fellowship with them. 

In addition to this, you will have a chance to experience this beautiful country and have some fun while you are at it:)

If you would like to; you may also have a chance to go into some neighboring countries, such as the Czech Republic for even more music mission opportunities and to experience more places and cultures. 


We will customize this for you based on your group, itinerary and budget.  


We will customize this for you based on your group, itinerary and budget. 

Please contact us at or through our CONTACT FORM to get a suggestion to a music mission trip that will fit YOUR high school music group. 

We will customize this trip for your group, and we will make sure we stay in close dialog with you throughout the planning process; both in making sure you get the trip you would like, and also in guiding you through everything to make this process easy and smooth for you. We will also have a team leader from GTM on the trip taking care of the details on the ground. 

You do not have to be a travel agent to make this trip happen; leave that part in our hands, and let us help in making your desire to bring your high school music group on a music mission trip become a reality! 

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Image by Roman Kraft
Image by Bharat Patil
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