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Costa Rica Mission

Trip Info

Focus: Concerts of various kinds

Musical Genre: Any

Team Size: It should be a minimum of 15 people. They can fit in up till about 40 people comfortably. We may be able to accommodate for more people as well.

Date: We will customize this trip for your group. We recommend about 7 nights in Costa Rica. 

Airport: San Jose, Costa Rica (SJO). 

Cost: About $865 for 7 nights (lodging, food, ground transportation, trip to the beach and some other activities, adm.fees and travel insurance) + airfare (NOTE: minimum 15 people for this price. For a smaller size group, contact us for pricing)


Contact Info

Leader: To be determined


Trip Summary

GTM Ministries would like to invite your choir or music group to do a music mission trip to Costa Rica. 

We believe this will an amazing time, and a great opportunity to use your gift of music to share Jesus with the people there.
We will set up various concerts for you throughout the trip, such as in schools, outdoors in public areas, church(es), hospital (pediatric cancer patients), orphanage and more.
You will be able to take these opportunities to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, testimonies, share from the Bible, share what the songs are about, pray with them, have conversations and more. 

In addition to this, you will have a chance to experience this beautiful country and have some fun while you are at it:)


You will be staying at a mission camp in Atenas outside of San Jose. 

Atenas is a beautiful place. It's in a mountainous area, and the camp is in a valley, and the temperature is comfortable almost year long. The rainy season is approximately May-October. 

There is a pool, soccer field and a little mountain area you can hike etc. right by the camp. It's a pretty rural and secluded area, and very safe. Our partners at the camp will take great care of you there. 

The camp will hold 40 people comfortably (and they have room for more than that if needed). They will handle all your transportation and meals (their food is really great, and they can accommodate for those with food allergies/dietary restrictions). 

We will also send a team leader from us, so you all do not need to worry about logistics and practical details, we will take care of that:) 

We can create a program with the activities you would like to include.

Here are a few suggestions: 


We would like to recommend at least one day (or half day) at Jaco Beach at the Pacific Coast. This is free, and about 1 hour drive from the camp. 

At this beautiful beach you can just relax and enjoy the sand and water:) Or you can also rent kayaks, stand up paddle boards, take surf lessons etc (at your expense). 

In Jaco there is also zip lining opportunities, and we can arrange for those of you interested in that to do so. 

We can also make a brief stop at the Crocodile Bridge on the way there or back for a unique tourist experience; under the bridge are lots of giant crocodiles (this is also free). 



We can do a day trip here if you would like. This would cost about $55 per person. 

This includes meals, entrance fee, a guide etc. 

This is an absolutely STUNNING area, and you will get to see some gorgeous sights; such as waterfall, exotic animals such as monkeys, jaguar, puma, toxic frogs, beautiful butterflies and more. You might even spot a vulcano in the distance. There will be a short hike (mostly going down, and the shuttle will take us back up). This is a highly recommended day trip. 


There will also be lots of fun things we can do in Atenas as well as San Jose and the surrounding area. Please let us know if you have something you are especially interested in seeing or doing;

We would like to customize this for you in the best way possible! :) 

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Image by Atanas Malamov
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