Alaska Mission

Trip Info

Focus: Various outreach concerts, in the summer time a lot of them will be outdoors in public places

Musical Genre: Varies

Team Size: 15 people minimum (minimum 20 in the summer). Max size, about 40 people. 

Date: Varies. We can customize a trip there for your group. Usually we recommend a week, but it can be shortened or made longer.

Airport: Anchorage, Alaska (ANC)

Cost: Contact us for price for your group & trip. 

The price will include lodging, 
all ground transportation, 

travel insurance, adm.fees and team leader from GTM.


Airfare and food not included. 

Contact Info

Trip Summary

Are you looking for a place to take your group somewhere amazing and spectacular and with almost a foreign feel, even within the US borders? Somewhere there is a great need for the Gospel, and also a recent openness to it? And somewhere with great opportunities to do music mission outside? 

Well, then Alaska may be just the place for you and your group! 

Our partners in Alaska have a great mission house where we would stay, with the bedding ready, and a kitchen where we can cook in.  
It's about an hour's BEAUTIFUL drive outside of Anchorage; where we would do most of our missions. 

The main mission strategy is to use the platform of music to do outdoor concerts in public areas; and to use that as a way to draw people, be able to speak with them and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We will do all this together with our wonderful partners there. 


One of the most advantageous things about bringing your group to Alaska right now (for the US groups), is that it is within the US borders. As it may be complicated to plan group travel overseas with the current Covid restrictions that change quickly; we can literally just get on the plane to Alaska without having to consider the various international rules that may apply for different countries, layovers, etc. You don't even need your passports:) And of course, this will be cheaper than traveling overseas too! 


Some of the outdoor events we would likely partake in, are concerts at a large market (every day the weekend) as well as a big Wednesday night event in the park across their main church in Anchorage. 




There will of course also be time to explore the nature in this spectacular state. What we will see may depend on the season.  


We would probably recommend summer time for the best outdoor opportunities (from about 2nd week of May till about 2nd week of September), although we can do something any time of the year. In the summers, you will have daylight about 22 hours in this specific area. And the weather will be nice and very comfortable.

The winters can be cold and 
will be dark; but are stunningly beautiful with a chance of seeing the Northern Lights. 

And beginning of September is fantastic with the changing of the leaves.


There are several reasons why we would encourage you to consider taking your group to Alaska:

- There is a real need for the Gospel of Jesus Christ there, and also a very recent openness to it. 

- The churches there are struggling, and it would be wonderful to help encourage our brothers and sisters there. 

- Alaska is not spoiled with a lot of great choirs and music, so to have your group come there would be a real treat, and a powerful way to gain access, draw a crowd and to share the Word of God. 



As we are dealing with many uncertainties with traveling abroad these days, the opportunity (for US groups) to travel within the borders of USA is currently a whole lot easier. We are so grateful for this opportunity and partnership in Alaska. And a great bonus is that it is an absolutely STUNNING destination!

We encourage you to pray about this opportunity to still share the Gospel Through Music in Alaska.

For more details, please get in touch with us!  

Thank you, and we hope you would like to serve on a music mission trip in Alaska!

Image by Zetong Li
Image by Patrick Federi
Image by Brent Jones