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Meet Monica

European Coordinator

Monica Bernassola goes by the nick name "the queen" by our music missionaries. She is our European Coordinator, and might just be the most organized and enthusiastic person you may ever meet and we are truly blessed to have her on board working with our music mission trips!


Monica lives in Rome, Italy, and has a true passion for gospel music and the gospel scene in Europe and a heart for God and sharing the gospel through music. 
Monica is also a singer herself, and we often get to hear her voice during a music mission trip. 

As the European Coordinator, Monica organizes our music mission trips for US gospel directors (+ teams of musicians and singers, etc), to Europe to work with gospel choirs there.

She makes the connections with the gospel choirs in Europe, then manages and organizes in-country details on the European side of the trip together with the local host choirs. The GTM staff that work stateside makes this opportunity known to gospel choir directors/artists/ churches in the USA and enlist the right teams to go. 

If you go on a music mission trip, especially to southern Europe; chances are that Monica will be there and make sure you are having a smooth and wonderful trip!


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located: Rome, Italy

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