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Meet Maria

Northern Europe Coordinator

Maria Teistedal Vikre is our wonderful Northern Europe Coordinator. 

As a native Norwegian, her GTM Ministries office is based out of Oslo, Norway. 

Maria coordinates and develops music mission trips in Northern Europe as well as mobilizing teams in that area to go out to countries around the world to share the gospel through music. 

Maria will often be on the trips herself, or she will send someone else in her place. 

Few people are as nice and pleasant as Maria, and you will absolutely love working with her on your project! 

Maria’s background and education 
is in both ministry and music, and she has worked extensively with gospel choirs; with a main focus on the youth/young adults.



If you live in Northern Europe (east or west), and you would like for a music mission team to come to your town for music mission purposes; whether it is to work with your gospel choir, youth choir, do concerts and/or workshops of various kinds (schools, prisons, churches, parks/downtown areas, in various secular communities ++), please email Maria at 


We would love to send you a team that might be of great inspiration/encouragement and that will share the gospel of Jesus Christ. 


Maria will help you coordinate everything, and walk you through the steps of the process. And if you live in Northern Europe and would like to go on a music mission trip; whether you are an individual (musician or other), choir, music school group (music students at Bible schools, we have projects designed for you that will fit your curriculum =praksis-krav), etc. please get in touch with Maria. She may have some projects specifically for you! :) 

Contact Info


located: Oslo, Norway

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