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phone: (+1)  864-431-2343



located: Spartanburg, SC

Growing up in Norway, Hanne Gallatin, Founder and President of GTM Ministries come from a family deeply rooted in their Christian faith, with a strong focus on studying the Bible and the ministry of music in the church. She had "known" from an early age that she was to move to the USA when she grew up. 

Hanne had been working in 
full-time Children's ministry in Norway for about 5 years when the urge to move to the USA became too strong for her to resist. With duel Norwegian/US citizenship (her father is originally from the USA), it was a relatively simple process. So she quit her job, bought a plane ticket, and began to make plans to leave her homeland.


In the five months it took for everything to come together, God began working on her with the idea of starting an international music ministry. She knew very little about what that would truly entail but was sure that God did, and she was confident He had a big plan. Being the kind of person that will usually jump into a project with both feet at the same time, she decided to start GTM Ministries.


So, with her God-sized ideas and two suitcases, she left everything and everyone behind and headed to the USA. Having some family in the Carolinas, she decided that’s where she would start her journey. 


Following a tearful farewell with her parents, she left for the airport with two suitcases with everything that was left to her name. As she was on the plane, she became overwhelmed by the step she had just taken and the reality of no income, no friends, no idea on how to start a business or ministry – especially not in a new country, and no husband to lean on, and with a limited number of contacts. The doubt flooded in and she started questioning why she had decided to go. In tears, she prayed desperately that God would please remind her.


On the final leg of her trip to Greenville, SC, a lady sat next to her. This woman was not supposed to be on her flight, but had been re-scheduled. She also wasn’t supposed to be in the seat next to Hanne, but a ‘mistake’ had landed her in that seat. She began talking to Hanne and asked why she was moving to the US. Hanne started sharing a little bit about why she was moving. As it turned out, the lady was the president of a gospel choir district in Ohio, and she willingly shared contacts, names of artists, ideas and more. When Hanne put her feet on the ground at the Greenville/Spartanburg airport, she was very motivated and ready to go. 


God had so beautifully reminded Hanne of why she was moving through this lady and GTM Ministries was begun!

Even with all the obstacles and challenges that come with beginning a new life and ministry in a new country, God has continually prepared the way and developed an extensive network of missionaries and ministries around the world. He has led her to engage artists and musicians in multiple genres to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with thousands of people every year!


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