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Meet Cynthia

The Vice President 

Finance & Operations

A short time after returning from a mission trip with her band in 2012, Cynthia Floyd contacted Hanne after finding the GTM website through a Google search. She was looking for somewhere to invest her passion for missions and musical talent. God had been speaking to her...calling her to invest more of herself in spreading the gospel around the world and specifically through music.


After a couple of months of communicating back and forth via emails and phone calls, Cynthia drove over from Nashville to Spartanburg to meet with Hanne. Then, spending a couple of hours talking about the direction of GTM and what God had been doing in each of their lives, Cynthia indicated her interest in partnering with Hanne to expand the ministry of GTM.


Of course, Cynthia did not know how Hanne had been praying for God to send someone who could help with the ministry of GTM. Hanne was beyond herself with excitement but knew that she must not run ahead of God. Was this the answer to her prayers?


Ending their meeting, both Hanne and Cynthia committed to continually seek God for his guidance. Within the week, Hanne responded back to Cynthia, confident that this was God's plan and the decision was made for Cynthia to join Hanne in leading GTM. Beginning January 1, 2013, Cynthia officially became a part of the leadership team at GTM. Since that time, Cynthia has led in establishing GTM as a non-profit corporation, developing a Board of Directors, and filing for 501(c)(3) tax exemption with the IRS.

Cynthia and her band have seen first-hand how God has used music to open doors and give them opportunities to share the message of Christ with people around the world. Her work with GTM allows her to extend her passion to more musicians and artists, enlisting them to go while exponentially multiplying our efforts around the world to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Cynthia lives in Nashville, TN, and manages the operations, finance and development responsibilities for GTM. Her band, Flyfaith also travels internationally on music mission trips with GTM.

Contact Info

phone: (+1) 615-681-5335



located: Nashville, TN

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